Provider of professional medical provision for indoor and outdoor events across the UK. We specialise in the nationwide provision of professional outdoor medical cover to individuals and organisations across the United Kingdom.


Event medical cover

Amongst the many private medical services we provide, is event medical cover and first aid services. We can offer this service for a range of events.  Whether you need a single paramedic, or an entire on-site hospital National MedicAid will work with you to guarantee that you have the right level of service to meet any medical emergency. Our fully qualified professional teams are equipped with emergency vehicles that enable them to deal with any situation they may encounter whilst working across the country. All the equipment that we use is maintained to the highest possible standard. When you hire us to provide event medical cover, we will take care of all the details from the initial planning through to the provision of first-class medical services and post job analysis.

Patient Transport Services

We offer private ambulance hire and patient transport to transfer stretcher bound, wheelchair or walk-on patients to and from the hospital, doctor, or clinic appointments. We offer patient transport services of all kinds including Hospital Transport, Airport Transfer as well as Elderly Transport to many UK destinations including care homes and residential facilities. National MedicAid provides pre-planned non-emergency transport for patients who have medical conditions, that would prevent them from travelling by any other means, or who requires the skills of an ambulance care assistant during the journey.

Blood and organ transfer

Organ transportation services is used for the purpose of transporting patient’s organs from one location to another with utmost care. Organ transport is conducted through a specialized fleet and medical crew who is certified at delivering the precious cargo of life saving organs. With our location, we can cover the entirety of the UK.  We offer a safe and rapid transport solution with our smart uniformed staff.  All National MedicAid staff are trained in high-speed advanced driving with blue lights and all our vehicles are 4×4 capable, meaning no matter what the weather throws at us you can count on National MedicAid every time.